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Episode 203:: December 22 2014

In This Episode: Texas thrash band Clit Eastwood, touring band Hudson Falcons and many more…

Approx Run Time :: 30:40

Listen Now : Episode 203

Death Of Me- Calabrese
Sleep All Day- CART!
27 Club- Clit Eastwood
Old Sex- The Drips
Yes I’m Down- Coachwhips
Mean Streets- Dead Ringers
Smoke And Whiskey- Fiction Reform
Wolfeater- Elephant Gun
Revolution- Hudson Falcons
Help Captive- CUPII
Mail Order Bride- Cyanide Pills
Fallout Shelter Television- Direct Hit!

Episode 202:: December 14 2014

In this episode: Tim plays some old favorites from the 80’s through 00’s

Approx Run Time :: 29:28

Listen Now :: Episode 202


What A Scene- Legal Weapon

Never Connected- Union 13

Saturday Skins- The Skoidats

Fuck The World- The Queers

Black Hole In My Mind- The Lillingtons

Get Beer- White Kaps

Dead Cities- The Exploited

Operation Salvation- The Generators

Fuck You Anyway- The Beltones

American Punk- Suburban Threat

Fuck Hollywood- Anti-Heros

Nice Guys Finish Last- Wretched Ones

Episode 202:: 12.7.14

IN THIS EPISODE: Brea and Tim reminisce over Houston.

Approx Run Time: 31:27

Listen Now: Episode 202


Excuse All The Blood- SPIC

Worst Year Of My Life- Withdrawls

Gett Off My Back- Scrfeeching Weasel

No Trust- VPR

One Man Riot- The Vacants

One Life- Shiver

Reality Hits- The Takes

Designated Drunk Driver- Shovel 13

Benicio Del Toro Is A Badass- Skeleton Dick

Theres a Metalhead In The Parking Lot- Slapstick

All Day Long- Thee Spivs

Roll Around- US Bombs

Episode 201:: December 1 2014

In This Episode: It’s the first episode of December, yule be happy with the music (bad pun intended)

Approx Run Time :: 29:45

Listen Now: Episode 201


Michael Jackson’s Dead- The Junktones

It Ain’t Over- Airbomb

Partial To Cheesecake- BEHOLD!

No Martyrs- Counterfeit Saints

Speed City Radio- Chachi On Adic

Fornication- Antiseen

Black And Red- Avail

Old Sex- The Drips

Give You Nothing- Bad Religion

Too Old Too Young- Kermit’s Finger

Let’s Get On Welfare- Beer Drinking Fools

Timewaster- Bankrupt

Episode 200!!:: November 24 2014

IN THIS EPISODE: It’s our 200th episode. Still kickin…

Approx Run Time : 41:13

Listen Now :: Episode 200


Mutate With Me- The Humpers

The Visitation- Mathias Isassi

Pretzels- The Backseat Soundtrack

We’re Gonna Fight- Pennywise

Just Like Heaven- Worm Suicide

Curse Cuss- Virus Nine

We Hate You All The Way From Texas- Rancid Vat

Van Song- VPR

Couch Party- Womanthrower

Tea Leaf Shuffle- Glitter Dick

I’m Sorry I Love You-  Sudden Walks

Can’t Show My Face Again- Poor Favor

Episode 199:: November 17 2014

In this episode: music

Approx Run Time :: 30:27

Listen Now :: Episode 199


In That Dress- Midnight Shakes

Fear Of War-  Chachi On Acid

Fuck You Very Much- Chachi On Acid

Other Man- Coachwhips

Try To Live- Last Night

Devil’s Rain- Memphis Morticians

Depression- National Razor FDIC

Catastrophe- Never Pass Go

Dead And Gone- Second To None

Drug Addict- Nothing In Return

Dead Formats- Obliterates

Excuse All The Blood- SPIC


Episode 198:: November 9 2014

IN THIS EPISODE:: Bitchy Resting Face. It’s real.


LISTEN NOW :: Episode 198


Nife Fight- Coachwhips

It’s Not True- The Crumbs

Black Lightning- Cyanide Pills

No Fate- The Escaped

TV Slave- Fortune For Tune

Depression- National Razor FDIC

Aint Dun Nuffin Officer- The Mallorys

Someone Else- Headons

Zazarmora- Kill Liberal

Catastrophe- Never Pass Go

Gotta Go- Left Arm

Spartan- Killing California

Episode 197:: November 3 2014

In This Episode: we debut a new song by Puke Bucket…. about us.

Approx Run time :: 28:43

Listen Now :: Episode 197


There’s No Time- Black Sunday

OMBG- Puke Bucket

Animaks Eat Em- AdZ

Gashuffer- Blackout Shoppers

(The Girl Gave Me) The Runaround- The Haverchucks

Tony Goes For Takeout- Clit Eastwood

Interregation Room- Cyanide Pills

Under The Same Gravestone- The Hartes

No Sense No Feeling- Devoid

No Movie Tonight- Fitz Of Depression

Tie Me Down- Hammerlock

Love You More Dead- The Joykiller

Episode 196: October 26 2014

In This Episode: Tim needs to talk into his microphone. Also Tim hates halloween.

Approx Run Time :: 34:07

Listen Now :: Episode 196


Shallow- Cyanide Pills

Vampires Dont Exist- Calabrese

Shellac and Vinyl- Fiction Reform

UFO Please Take Her Home- Coachwhips

Wasted Time- The Drips

Love Song Titles Arent Cool Anymore- Crime In Stereo

Kill A Cop- Graveyard Riot

Everyone Looks Better Under Arrest- Bullet Treatment

Sex, Drugs, and Aqua Net- Die Wasted

On The Take Again- Consumed

Nothing- Dan Webb and The Spiders

By The Throat- Dead To Me

Episode 195:: October 19 2014

In This Episode: Songs so hawt your ears will get a sound boner.

Approx Runtime : 33:29

Listen Now :

Episode 195


My Nerves Are Fucking Shot- Sudden Walks

Too Fat To Fuck- Womanthrower

Excuse All The Blood- S.P.I.C.

You Mean Nothing To Me- Ten Pints In

Designated Drunk Driver- Shovel 13

Benicio Del Toro Is a Badass- Skeleton Dick

What We Hate- Screeching Weasel

Hiding From You- Sonic Avenues

Shit Bands- Undesirables

Borstal Breakout- Sick Of It All

Tora Tora Tora- U.S. Bombs

No Trust- VPR

Radioactive Sister- Snail Quail