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Episode 169 :: APRIL 21, 2014

IN THIS EPISODE:: Brea and Tim dish out a heaping serving of punk, indie, and garage music.


LISTEN NOW :: Episode 169


Animals Eat ‘EM- ADZ

Whatever- Allbymyself

Nihil- Airbomb

Oh Carolina- Beat Beat

Left Out- A Void

Vi Ska Aldrig Bli Som Dom- Headons

Pharmacy- Hemmit

The Rat Move- A Hound Ensemble

Coward- Rubber Clown Car

Pretzels- Witness My Jehova (The Backseat Soundtrack)

There’s a Metalhead In The Parking Lot- Slapstick

Mow Your Lawn- 40 Ways From Sunday

Say You’ll Be Mine- The 6122′s

The Visitation- Mathias Isassi

Wrong Side Of The Grass- Joe Reyna

Man’s Guitar- 69 Noises

Anthem For A Murder- 29th Street Disciples


EPisode 168 :: April 14, 2014

IN THIS EPISODE :: Brea and Tim play music of bands they like. It’s kind of their thing.

APPROX RUN TIME :: Episode 168

LISTEN NOW :: 53:34


Everything Is A Lie- Mondo Ray

You’re Putttin’ Me Over- Bump- N- Uglies

Go Bang- The Joykiller

Boycott Cynicism- Behold!

Getting Wild- The Get Downs

Throw It Away- Black Furies

Yes, No, Stay, Go, Do, Don’t Will, Won’t- Buck Brothers

Always Waiting- Headons

Deep In The Red- Calabrese

Tonights The Night- Coachwhips

It Ain’t All Hugs and Handshakes- Crime In Stereo

Screw Me Up- Cyanide Pills

Next Time- Dan Webb and the Spiders

Abracadavar- The Lawrence Arms

Stand By Me- Illicit Activity

P is for Pity- Limecell

One More Time- The Dents

Do You Wanna Get High Tonight?- National Razor FDIC

The Killer- Derby Dolls

Episode 167 :: April 7, 2014

IN THIS EPISODE :: We debut a new submitted artist Dietrich Jon and manage to fit in a 19 song episode.


LISTEN NOW :: Episode 157


Itchy- Beg Borrow Steal

Her- Dietrich Jon

Groun Stump- O’Death

Can’t Show My Face Again- Poor Favor

Close Encounters- Bankrupt

Kept On Fallin- Pink Swords

Bigman- Revolution 74

What We Hate- Screeching Weasel

Just Fine- Midnight Shakes

Oh Carolina- Beat Beat

Boycott Cynicism- Behold!

Its Good To Be President- Right On John

I Want Out- Dead Ringers

Symptoms- Midnight Bombers

Yes No Stay Go Do Dont Will Wont- Buck Brothers

Give N Take- Motorama

Hey Stiffie- Coachwhips

Walkin Round Town With  My Zipper Down- Evil Bill

Now I’m You- Killing California

Episode 166 :: March 31, 2014

IN THIS EPISODE :: OMBG is back this Monday with a special music heavy podcast including some Texas bands and local Victoria musicians.


LISTEN NOW :: March 31

Black Leather – The Hartes
Roll Around – U.S. Bombs
All My Friends are Dead –   Turbonegra
It Ain’t Cheatin’ (If the Ref Ain’t Looking) – Bump-N-Uglies
Just Like Heaven – Worm Suicide
Let Loose the Kraken – The Millipede
Thin Thread – Animal Train
A Cold Shoulder – Something Called Nothing
Ankle Deep – Apples For Eyes
Once I Went You – Kara Square
Walk Walk – Folly Collage
Somebody New – The Freakouts
I’m Sorry I Love You – Sudden Walks
Judge or Jury – Kings of Nuthin
DTS – Checkerboard Jive
The Worst – Dan Webb and the Spiders

Episode 165 :: March 24, 2014

IN THIS EPISODE :: Tim and Brea serve up another music heavy podcast in anticipation for their zine and VTXIFF


LISTEN NOW :: Episode 165


By My Side- The Boars

All The World- O’Death

Veronica- Bankrupt

Power Of The Dollar- No Manifesto

Not With You- Apples For Eyes

My Jacket- Captain Galaxy

Let’s Kiss- Mr. Clit and The Pink Cigarettes

They All Brought Knives- KK Dirty Money

I’m Not Really Alive- Never Pass Go

No Not Ever- Nephu Huzzband

Cheap Talk- My Parade

The Heist- Motorama

Single As Usual- Muscle Car

Scream- Mothers Anger

Soldiers- Dammit Boys

Back Home- Five Alarm Fire

Someone Else- Headons

Dirty Kid- Hell Crab City

Episode 164 :: March 17, 2014

IN THIS EPISODE :: Brea and Tim serve up another music heavy podcast, talk about their time at RXSM medicated Film Expo and play some tracks off a new compilation.


LISTEN NOW :: Episode 164


Show Me The System- The Joykiller

If Not Now- Kermit’s Finger

Some Kind Of Hate- Angie & The Carwrecks

Bouncey- Kickstart

Dead Formats- Obliterates

Winter Too High- Rotoscoped

Who’s In Control Of Your Life- Barragan

Run Out Of Town- KK Dirty Money

Thin Thread- Animal Train

The Rant- Lakeside Drive

Spanish Tirade- Bang Bang

I’m Sorry I Love You- Sudden Walks

Try To Live- Last Night

A Cold Shoulder- Something Called Nothing

More Harm Than Good- Left Arm

There’s No Time- Black Sunday

I Dont Wanna Be Learned- Chachi On Acid

Because I Care- Armitage Shanks

Episode 163 :: March 10, 2014

IN THIS EPISODE :: Tim and Brea run through a high energy music heavy playlist with a few submitted artists plus new tracks from old favorites.


LISTEN NOW :: Episode 163


I’m Such An Idiot- Onion Flavored Rings

We Never Learn Anything- The Tower Of Dudes

Send More Cops- Surgeon Marta

Operation- Submerse

I Just Wanna Dance- Perma F

Under The Bright Lights- Rocket City Riot

Turn It Off- The No No No Hopes

The Reason I Breathe- Static Thought

Cones and Rods- Overnight Lows

Prick- The Splints

Pretty Little Uniform- Poor Lily

Right Time To Kill You- Rippers

Car Crash- Southway

Same In The End- PFA

Hiding From You- Sonic Avenues

She Can’t Be Mine- The 6122′s

The Visitation- Mathias Issasi

Meant To Do- Snail Quail

Episode 162 :: March 3, 2014

IN THIS EPISODE :: Brea and Tim talk about RXSM Self Medicated Film Expo happening March 6th-13th in Austin TX. Also featuring Giant Salvinia and The Ugly Beats, two bands from Texas as well as music from Europe, Canada and these here amazing United States…


LISTEN NOW :: Episode 162


Technology- Denada

Pirate Song- Giant Salvinia

Spy Song- Antique Courtains

Stars For Anyone- Boneless Children Foundation

Yesterday’s Next Big Thing- The Binge

Couldn’t Find Love- Coachwhips

I’m Gonna Break Her Heart- The Ugly Beats

Ugly- Zhod

Addicted To You- Tuff Luvs

Sorehead- Camelia Ashbach

Way Cool- Die Cruisin’

Not Dead Yet- The Unnormals

Just For You- Can’t Hang

Anthem For A Murder- 29th Street Disciples

Thanks A Lot- Antiseen

EPISODE 161:: FEBRUARY 24, 2014

IN THIS EPISODE :: We talk with Drew Tobia the writer and director of “SEE YOU NEXT TUESDAY” which is being screened at RXSM in Austin TX March 6th.


LISTEN NOW ::  Episode 161


Can’t Forget- Gunfire Getdown

You Make Me Sad- Honey Don’t

Ankle Deep- Apples For Eyes

Her- Dietrich Jon

Fading- Barrio Tiger

I Want My PJs- Demerit 7

City Of Angels- The Distillers

Black Flame- Doug Blank

Berry Medicine- Beat Beat

Drinking Band- The Blacklisted

EPISODE 160:: FEBRUARY 17, 2014

IN THIS EPISODE :: We sit down with Filmaker Hunter Weeks to talk about the film WALTER coming to the Victoria Texas Independent Film Festival.


LISTEN NOW :: Episode 160


Loch Ness Lightning- The Great Dismal Swamis

Dig Your Grave- Kamikaze

Saturday Night Seizure- The Parents

Government To Be- Braxton Hicks

Don’t Leave- Crankshaft and The Gear Grinders

Aweigh My Weight Away!- Jordan Eastman

Vultures- The Cherry Bombers

Once I Went You- Kara Square

Medusa On The Loose- The Crypts!

I Dont Wanna Be Learned- Chachi On Acid