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Episode 187:: August 25 2014

In This Episode:: Music.

Listen Now :: Episode 187

Approx Run Time :: 35:57


Fuck The Government- Blunt

A Cold Shoulder- Something Called Nothing

Supersonic- Bad Religion

Show Me The System- The Joykiller

I’m Not Really Alive- Never Pass Go

Man Child- ASS

Total Wreckage- BAT

Shit Whippets- FOA

Enjoy- Nothing In Return

Spring Beasts Of Death- Chachi On Acid

Black Lightning- Cyanide Pills

The World Sucks And You’re The Newest Reason- Laughing Stock

High Fever- The Hi Fevers

One Of The Family- Airbomb

Episode 186:: August 18 2014

In This Episode:: Tim made a playlist this morning. So we played those songs.

Approx Run Time :: 36:08

Listen Now :: Episode 186


Me Libere- Ocean Cats

Happy Birthday To Me- 29th Street Disciples

Kills Babies- Bernadine

Violet Hellfire- Calabrese

Basement Joint Idol- Camelia Ashbach

No Sense No Feeling- Devoid

My Vietnam- Korova

Ice Water- The Riverboat Gamblers

Drug Loser- Middle Class Assasains

Take A Ride- Motorama

DWI- Poliwog

Religious Weakness- Riot Ritual

Episode 185:: August 11 2014

In This Episode:: Slurs and drunken curatung brought about todays playlist.

Approx Run Time :: 31:02

Listen Now :: Episode 185


We Hate You All The Way From Texas- Rancid Vat

Dirt And Gasoline- Raina- Fire

Speed City Radio- Chachi On Acid

Be There- Airbomb

Shoot Out The Lights- Don Juan Y Los Blancos

Ok Bye- Last Under The Sun

Mail Order Bride- Cyanide Pills

Batman- Passarounders

Nuclear War- Crash Menagerie

Dual Personalities- Never Pass Go

Dead Bodies- Rancid

Someone Else- Headons


Episode 184:: August 4 2014

In This Episode: New Music from Worm Suicide… and local blackthrash vegan Victoria band Jackal..Seguin solo artist Conway The Whale takes you on a trip… plus other gems

Approx Run Time: 29:06

Listen Now : Episode 184


Blast Off- Secretions

The World Blew Off My Face Today- Worm Suicide

Lost Times- Counterfeit Saints

Soldiers- Dammit Boys

Shallow- Cyanide Pills

Declaration Of War-  Jackal

Smash and Grab- Clit Eastwood

Ghouls Out- Cyco Sanchez Supergroup

Triplets- The Drips

Gotta Dance- Don Juan Y Los Blancos

Love Song Titles Just Aren’t Cool Anymore- Crime In Stereo

Kid In The Well- Crumb Catcher

Seeing Red- Worm Suicide

Episode 183:: July 28 2014

In This Episode: Music man. Lots of Music.

Approx Run Time :: 41:53

Listen Now :: Episode 183


Cool 100 Bucks- KK Dirty Money

A Keen Wolf- Ministers Of Hate

Dirty Kid- Hell Crab City

Always Waiting- Headons

Aint Dun Nuffin’ Officer- The Malloys

Psychopatho- Pantychrist

Dual Personalities- Never Pass Go

Radioactive Sister- Snail Quail

Shit Sale On Monday- Shouting Moe

Bottle Of Beer- Bad Pharmer

Elvis Drugs- The Get Downs

Zarzamora- Kill Liberal

Let Loose The Kraken- The Millipede

I’m Not Really Alive- Never Pass go

Episode 182:: July 21 2014

In This Episode:: 14 hand picked songs to make you dance, drink, and cry

Approx Run Time ::  37:26

Listen Now :: Episode 182


All Kids- The Drips

Nihil- Airbomb

The Knowledge of Dissembling- Lakeside Drive

Invitation To The Night- The Needles

You Ain’t Punkrock- The Junktones

Ready To Play- The Joykiller

Wailing Paddle- Rudiments

Running In Circles- Korova

Bitch- Pantychrist

Lure Of The Night- Left Arm

Ready To Go- Nick Wolff

Vain- Submachine

We’re Gonna Fight- Pennywise

For a Ride- The Star Spangled Bastards

Episode 181:: July 14 2014

In This Episode: new submitted artists Pantychrist, The Carolina Bridal Party, and thrash metal band Irkalla join the rotation as well as many other underground tidbits.


LISTEN NOW :: Episode 181


I Smell A Rat- The Bad Vibes

No Gods No Masters- Pantychrist

Blackballed- Demons

Mister Blackout- Motorama

Irkalla- Demolition

It’s Not True- The Crumbs

Firebomb- The Barking Owls

Bite You Goodnite- Sunglasses After Dark

Safe and Sound- The Carolina Bridal Party

Get Off My Back- Screeching Weasel

Fuck The Police- Illicit Activity

Two Headed Dog- Antiseen

World Prison- Decatecht

On The Take Again- Consumed

EPISODE 180:: JULY 7 2014

IN THIS EPISODE::  OMBG serves up 14 tracks from the underworld to you


LISTEN NOW :: Episode 180


Wicked Ways- White Barons

Shit Bands- Undesirables

One Man Riot- The Vacants

Broken Hearted- Apocalypse Five and Dime

Right and Evil- Trashmind

New Rose- Zombie Met Girl

City Of Inbreds- Wyldlife

Don’t Wanna Talk- Tuff Luvs

No Trust- VPR

Crazyman- Worldy Savages

Tora Tora Tora- U.S. Bombs

Motherfucker- Black Box

One and One- Wildebeests

TV- Virus X

EPISODE 179: JUNE 30 2014

IN THIS EPISODE: TEXAS underground bands Clit Eastwood, Decathect, Kill Libreral, Ronia and Skeleton Dick along with others around the globe…


LISTEN NOW: Episode 179


Primitive Age- BAT

Atheists Rule- Clit Eastwood

Bacon On The Bayou- Decathect

Someone Else- Headons

Don’t Talk To Me- The Jabbers

Wrecking Ball- Kill Liberal

Bill Of Goods- Face To Face

Now I’m You- Killing California

Fear Of War- Ronia

Nothing With You- Descendents

Pathetic- Bullet Treatment

Robot Vs. Dinosaur- Skeleton Dick

It’ll Come To You- The Hartes

Someone To Love- Cyanide Pills

Episode 178 June 23 2014

IN THIS EPISODE: It’s Tim’s Birthday so he plays whatever he wants. Pretty much like the rest of the shows.


LISTEN NOW :: Episode 178


Frattitude- ASS

I’m Sorry I Love You- Sudden Walks

Broken- The Drips

She’s a Cretin- The Queers

Blast Off- Secretions

Nicotine Age- The Vacants

Why Can’t I Stop Thinking About You- Sonic Avenues

Zarzamora- Kill Liberal

Intoxicated- Rejected

Curse Cuss- Virus Nine

Radio- The Talks

The War On Sobriety- Womanthrower

Ugly- Zhod

Stupidity- Headons