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OMBG Podcast – Episode 216

In This Episode: New Music from Yo Man Go! and No Love For Aphrodite plus other indie underground gems!

Approx Runtime :: 38:52

Listen Now :: Episode 216


FCC- Moral Decline

That Bitch Is Gonna End Up Dead- Coachwhips

Somewhere Deep In NYC- The Unsacred Hearts

Troublesome Soldier- No Love For Aphrodite

Wales- Please Mr. Gravedigger

Novacaine- Persian Claws

Times Like These- Revenge Therapy

Silver & Gold- Dressed For The Occasion

Are You There Margaret? It’s Me God- The Lawrence Arms

I’m So Sick (Monday Morning)- Airbomb

Torn Quadcast Episode 3

Torn QuadcastWe are back wrestling fans! This week, Allynn and Thurm give their predictions for Wrestlemania, talk about Raw, NXT and their favorite managers! Remember to follow us on Twitter @tornquadcast, especially this Sunday because we will be live tweeting Wrestlemania! If you have any questions or feedback send an email to and we’ll read and answer them on the air! This is a good one guys!


Torn Quadcast Episode 3 

OMBG Podcast – Episode 215

In This Episode: New tracks from Stout City Luchadores, Kill Liberal, Victoria mainstay Neal’s Acoustic Journey and more.

Listen Now :: Episode 215

Approx Runtime :: 33:53


Fiend- Some Kind Of Nightmare

All Hell Breaks Loose- Stout City Luchadores

What’d You Say- Sniper 66

Creep In Heat- Suicide Bombers

Orange You Happy- Kill Liberal

Key to My heart- Sixty Minute Man

Fuck The Government- Sensa Yuma

St. Mary- Rancid

Bad Man’s Nightmare- Peer Pressure

How’s It Gonna End- Tom Waits

Opening Once More- Neal’s Acoustic Journey

Torn Quadcast Episode 2

We’re back wrestling fans! In this week’s episode, Allynn and Thurm talk about Raw, NXT, the Intercontinental Title situations, Buff Bagwell, and their favorite factions! This week’s episode is anything but S-A-W-F-T! If you like what you hear, follow us on Twitter @tornquadcast! Any questions or comments? Send us an email to and we’ll read and answer them on the air!


Torn Quadcast Episode 2

OMBG Podcast — Episode 214

In This Episode: New music from the Hudson Falcon’s new album also Texas bands The Belgraves, Decatecht and more underground fun.

Approx Run Time :: 30:42

Listen Now :: Episode 214


Extermination- The Belgraves

We’ll Fight Back- Hudson Falcons

Ten Years- Bombshell Rocks

Stimulate Our Minds- The Earaches

Same Ole Shit- Danny Trashville

Monkey- Beg Borrow Steal

Sheep- Black Box Schc

Butterknife Suicide- Mongrel

Books Of Blood- Decatecht

Rule Of The Beast- Bat

Yer Laundry- The Laundronauts

Torn Quadcast Episode 1

In it’s premier episode, Allynn and Thurm discuss Raw, NXT, Bill DeMott resigning and much more! Follow us on twitter @tornquadcast! Send us some feedback, if you have any questions for us send an email to and we’ll answer it on air!


Torn Quadcast Episode 1

Episode 213:: March 9 2015

In This Episode: We announce our new addition to the podcast family as well as tasty underground tunes


LISTEN NOW :: Episode 213


Mole Warfare- Creepy Kids Club
Home Security- Blackstrap
Static Surfer- Craymo
Entheogen Punk- CART!
Mr. Douchebag- Ostow
Shoudln’t Say It- Overnight Lows
Muerto- Los Reptiles
Work Week- Midnight Bombers
Done- Headons
Out Of You- Jeremy Gluck
Better Run- Last Night

Episode 212:: March 2 2015

In This Episode: We are airing a special playlist made up of bands we have met and played with the last few months now that Tim has finally sat down to upload all the CDs.

Approx Run Time :: 35:21

Listen Now :: Episode 212


Dammit Jim- Kill Liberal

Scared- Hudson Falcons

Fly By Night- Dressed For The Occasion

Pawn Shop- Danny Trashville

Firecracker- Sniper 66

Pets Heads Are Falling Off- The Getdowns

Wrapped In Plastics- The Belgraves

Boring In Black- Priscilla Ford

Take Cover- SkyAcre

Meek- Only Beast

Batman- Passarounders

Episode 211:: February 23 2015

In This Episode: Sudden Walks, White Barons, VPR and more.

Listen Now :: Episode 211

Approx Run Time :: 23:55


My Nerves Are Fucking Shot- Sudden Walks

American Son- Anti-Bodies

Wicked Ways- White Barons

Stupidity- Headons

Let’s Escape- Some Kind Of Nightmare

Dont Talk To Me- Jungle Fever

For A Ride- The Star Spangled Bastards

Left Out- A Void

I Dont Give A Shit- The Apes Party

Why Can’t I Stop Thinking About You- Sonic Avenues

No Trust- VPR

Episode 210:: February 16 2015

In This Episode: New music from Brother Twin, plus other slices of underground goodness.

Approx Run Time :: 28:58

Listen Now :: Episode 210


Wasted Time- The Drips

Solomon’s Key- Brother Twin

Tea Leaf Shuffle- Glitter Dick

(The Girl Gave Me) The Runaround- The Haverchucks


Die Pig Die- Jack The Car

Declaration Of War- Jackal

Love You More Dead- The Joykiller

You aint punk rock- The Junktones

Bitchface- Lack Of Respect

More harm Than Good- Left Arm