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Episode 211:: February 23 2015

In This Episode: Sudden Walks, White Barons, VPR and more.

Listen Now :: Episode 211

Approx Run Time :: 23:55


My Nerves Are Fucking Shot- Sudden Walks

American Son- Anti-Bodies

Wicked Ways- White Barons

Stupidity- Headons

Let’s Escape- Some Kind Of Nightmare

Dont Talk To Me- Jungle Fever

For A Ride- The Star Spangled Bastards

Left Out- A Void

I Dont Give A Shit- The Apes Party

Why Can’t I Stop Thinking About You- Sonic Avenues

No Trust- VPR

Episode 210:: February 16 2015

In This Episode: New music from Brother Twin, plus other slices of underground goodness.

Approx Run Time :: 28:58

Listen Now :: Episode 210


Wasted Time- The Drips

Solomon’s Key- Brother Twin

Tea Leaf Shuffle- Glitter Dick

(The Girl Gave Me) The Runaround- The Haverchucks


Die Pig Die- Jack The Car

Declaration Of War- Jackal

Love You More Dead- The Joykiller

You aint punk rock- The Junktones

Bitchface- Lack Of Respect

More harm Than Good- Left Arm

Episode 209:: February 9 2015

In This Episode: We’re playing music from San Marcos band The Belgraves and year long touring band Some Kind Of Nightmare. Plus more tunes!

Approx Run Time :: 37:04

Listen Now :: Episode 209


Spare Change- Antiseen

Dead Alive- The Belgraves

Queen Of Pain- Alkaline Trio

UFO Please Take Her Home- Coachwhips

Going Nowhere- Some Kind Of Nightmare

You Make Me Sick- Cobretti

Leave Us All Behind- 29th Street Disciples

Janie- About The Mess

Waiting For Nightfall- Cyanide Pills

American Steel- ADZ

Wings Ripped Apart- Funeral Horse

Episode 208:: February 2 2015

In This Episode: we debut a track from the new albun by Priscilla Ford. Plus… other underground music gems.

Listen Now :: Episode 208

Approx Run Time :: 28:21


Choker- Rats Of New York

Fading Fast- The Getdowns

We Must Be Cautious- Rebel Spies

Running Through My Mind- Red Runs Deep

Complaint- Priscilla Ford

Batman- Passarounders

Live Breathe Die- Omega Moo

Enjoy- Nothing In Return

Midday Microwaves- No Seduction

Under The Knife- Midnight Bombers

Will It Ever Grow Back- Makeovers

Episode 207:: January 26 2015

In This Episode:: Brea and Tim discuss the future of pop culture plus new music by submitted artists Friends Of John’s

Approx Runtime :: 38:44

Listen Now :: Episode 207


World Blew Off My Face Today- Worm Suicide

Send Someone Else To Thank Them- Friends Of John’s

City Of Inbreds- Wyldlife

Said N Done- Willie Psycho

No Trust- VPR

Leave Us All Behind- 29th Street Disciples

Revenge Of The Amazonian Party Women From The Planet Beer- Womanthrower

Nicotine Age- The Vacants

Ugly- Zhod

TV- Virus X

Mister Blackout- Motorama

Episode 206 :: January 12 2015

In This Episode:: Tim is sick, but he still has a better playlist than most.

Approx Run Time :: 37:03

Listen Now:: Episode 206


Revolution- Hudson Falcons

Dont Talk To Me- The Jabbers

Go Bang- The Joykiller

Too Old, Too Young- Kermit’s Finger

Zarzamora- Kill Liberal

No Not Ever- Nephu Huzzband

No One Left To Blame- Le Chat Noir

Dead Formats- Obliterates

Muerto- Los Reptiles

Hypnotised- Mondo Ray

Young Tuffs- Kill The Hippies

I’m Such An Idiot- Onion Flavored Rings

Episode 205:: January 4 2015

In This Episode: It’s our first podcast of the new year…

Approx Run Time :: 28:21

Listen Now :: Episode 205


Crazy Pills- Quan and The Chinese Takeouts

Manue- Bad Rriles

A World Divided- Shotgun Democracy

Big Bang-Bad Religion

Old 45’s- Chachi On Acid

Happy Daze- Rude Street Peters

Long Haired Mexican Friend-Shovel 13

Fool Or Fuckin Creep- National Razor FDIC

No Show- Modern Convenence

I Own The Road- Puffball

Your Fucked Again-  Blunt

Suicide Bomber- Cyanide Pulls


Episode 204:: December 29 2014

In This Episode: It’s our last show of the year…

Approx Run Time :: 27:19

Listen Now :: Episode 204


No Martyrs- Counterfiet Saints

Fuck The Government- Blunt

Couldn’t Find Love- Coachwhips

Man In Control- Defile

The Escapist- Bullet Treatment

Frattitude- ASS

Screw Me Up- Cyanide Pills

Kid In The Well- Crumb Catcher

Suicide In A Bottle- Evil Idols

Next Time- Dan Webb and The Spiders

Dredge The Lake- Fixit Kid

Please Delete Me- Eiffel Tower

Episode 203:: December 22 2014

In This Episode: Texas thrash band Clit Eastwood, touring band Hudson Falcons and many more…

Approx Run Time :: 30:40

Listen Now : Episode 203

Death Of Me- Calabrese
Sleep All Day- CART!
27 Club- Clit Eastwood
Old Sex- The Drips
Yes I’m Down- Coachwhips
Mean Streets- Dead Ringers
Smoke And Whiskey- Fiction Reform
Wolfeater- Elephant Gun
Revolution- Hudson Falcons
Help Captive- CUPII
Mail Order Bride- Cyanide Pills
Fallout Shelter Television- Direct Hit!

Episode 202:: December 14 2014

In this episode: Tim plays some old favorites from the 80’s through 00’s

Approx Run Time :: 29:28

Listen Now :: Episode 202


What A Scene- Legal Weapon

Never Connected- Union 13

Saturday Skins- The Skoidats

Fuck The World- The Queers

Black Hole In My Mind- The Lillingtons

Get Beer- White Kaps

Dead Cities- The Exploited

Operation Salvation- The Generators

Fuck You Anyway- The Beltones

American Punk- Suburban Threat

Fuck Hollywood- Anti-Heros

Nice Guys Finish Last- Wretched Ones