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Torn Quadcast Episode 10

Torn Quadcast


We made it to episode 10! This week we talk about what happened at WWE Payback, Raw, we give our predictions for NXT Takeover: Unstoppable, and much more! Thanks to everyone who has joined us for the first 10 episodes and here’s to at least 10 more!


Torn Quadcast Episode 10

OMBG episode 222 May 17 2015

In This Episode: Tim is fascinated with the number 222.

Approx Run Time :: 28:00

Listen Now :: Episode 222


All I Got- Rocket City Riot

Bite You Goodnight- Sunglasses After Dark

Dont Talk To Me- The Jabbers

All Day Long- Thee Spivs

Burnout- Drink Fight Thugs

A Cold Shoulder- Something Called Nothing

The Basement- The Negatones

Beer O’clock- Masturbation

Crescent Moon- The Nevermores

Cheap N’ Nasty- Cyanide Pills

The Devils Takin Names- The Lawrence Arms


Torn Quadcast Episode 9

Torn Quadcast


Welcome back wrestling fans! We are one week away from our 10th episode!  It’s been a fun ride so far and thank you for listening to us rant about wrestling. This week we talk about Raw, NXT, Sami Zayn and Hideo Itami’s injuries, Payback, NXT Takeover: Unstoppable, Elimination Chamber and so much more! This is a good one guys!


Torn Quadcast Episode 9

OMBG Episode 221: May 11 2015

In This Episode: New Music from San Antonio’s DEADWEIGHT! Also TX bands Sniper 66, Worm Suicide, The Belgraves, Decathect, and Apples For Eyes and much much more.

Approx Run Time :: 39:06

Listen Now ::  Episode 221


Disposable- Dead Weight

All Dressed Up- Sniper 66

Alternative To What- Worm Suicide

Back Against The Wall- The Circle Jerks

Angel- The Belgraves

Books Of Blood- Decathect

Ankle Deep- Apples For Eyes

Counting Down- Bullet Treatment

At Risk- Some Kind Of Nightmare

Coastline- The Drips

Deny Me- Armitage Shanks

Torn Quadcast Episode 8

Torn Quadcast






We are back everyone! This week, we discuss Extreme Rules, Raw, Sami Zayn, and The Avengers: Age of Ultron! It’s a pretty good episode. At the time of recording this episode, we did not know that Sami Zayn’s shoulder injury was legitimate, so no need to fact check us.


Torn Quadcast Episode 8


OMBG Podcast Episode 220:: May 4 2015

In This Episode: New Track from The Hudson Falcons, also Texas bands Kil Liberal and Stout City Luchadores

Approx Run Time :: 31:14

Listen Now :: Episode 220


Decree Nici- Sensa Yuma

Soul Salvation- Hudson Falcons

Leave Us All Behind- 29th Street Disciples

If We Can’t Rock It’s War- Limecell

Never Gonna- The Lonesome Ones

Snare- Kill Liberal

Bombs Over Brooklyn- Love Equals Death

Fledgling- Mouth Rat

She’s a Cretin- The Queers

Last Blackout- M80s

She Fucks On The First Date- Stout City Luchadores

OMBG podcast episode 219

In This Episode: Texas bands Womanthrower, Sniper 66, SkyAcre and Skeleton Dick along with many others.

Approx Runtime :: 31:01

Listen Now :: Episode 219


Right and Evil- Trashmind

Too Fat To Fuck- Womanthrower

Done- Headons

Prick- The Splints

Firebomb- The Barking Owls

Emergency- Sniper 66

Luvin Hand- Sensa Yuma

Radio- The Talks

Creep In Heat- Suicide Bombers

Desicion Revision- SkyAcre

Midgets are People Too (Just Shitty Ones)- Skeleton Dick

Torn Quadcast Episode 7

Torn Quadcast


This week, we discuss Raw, and NXT. We give our predictions for Extreme Rules, talk about Seth Rollins’ new finisher/the banning of the Curb Stomp, Star Wars, Batman vs Superman, the Avengers, and much more! This was a good one guys.  We will be live tweeting Extreme Rules this Sunday so be sure to give us a follow @tornquadcast.


Torn Quadcast Episode 7

OMBG Episode 218:: April 19 2015

In rhis episode: New music by Drink Fight Thugs as well as Some Kind Of Nightmare, an exlusive Ex-Optimists track and Alexader the Terrible’s debut to OMBG

Approx Run Time :: 27:45

Listen Now :: Episode 218


Murder In The First- Drink Fight Thugs

Let Us Pass- Some Kind Of Nightmare

S.P.D.- Lars Frederickson and The Bastards

Ain’t Done Nuffin’ Officer- The Malloys

The Last KISS Cover Band Show- Ex- Optimists

Drinking Wine- Midnight Woolf

Porno and Snuff Films- The Lawrence Arms

Mean Streets- Dead Ringers

No Gods No Masters- Pantychrist


God Dammit Darwin- Alexander The Terrible

Torn Quadcast Episode 6

What’s up guys? This week we discuss Raw, Hideo Itami’s journey to Wrestlemania 31, Daredevil on Netflix and other stuff. As always, send us some feedback to or and we’ll read them on the air! Also, follow us on Twitter! @tornquadcast.


Torn Quadcast Episode 6Torn Quadcast