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Episode 190:: September 15 2014

IN THIS EPISODE:: We got new songs from Omega Moo and Worm Suicide, and some other slabs of awesome tunes to round it all out.


LISTEN NOW :: Episode 190


You- Bad Religion

Live Breathe Die- Omega Moo

Mean Maria- Midnight Shakes

Hemmit High- Hemmit

Black Circles- Worm Suicide

Crazy Pills- Quan and The Chinese Take Outs

Psychopatho- Pantychrist

I’m Getting Sick- Chachi On Acid

Last Blackout- M80s

Snakesnatch- Rude Street Peters

Artificialized- Pusher

Front Porch- Pariah Beat

Episode 189:: September 8 2014

In This Episode: I was listening to the radio the other day, and was bummed to hear so many shitty songs by people I didn’t even know but all sounded like Rhianna. Including the dudes. This podcast is so you will never have to listen to that shit box in your car again. You’re welcome.

Approx Run Time : 30:47

Listen Now : Episode 189


Crime Spree- ADZ

Be There- Airbomb

If You Knew- Madagain Saints

Man Child- ASS

Record Store Renegade- Bankrupt

Rule Of The Beast- BAT

Without Profit- Kill Liberal

Shallow- Cyanide Pills

Crushed Under Shame And Misery- Funeral Horse

The Escapist- Bullet Treatment

Other Man- Coachwhips

I Hate My Life- Decatecht

By The Throat- Dead To Me

On The Take Again- Consumed

Episode 188: September 1 2014

In This Episode: It’s Labor Day. We labored to get off our ass of dong nothing to make you this podcast. You’re welcome.

Approx Runtime : 29:37

Listen Now : Episode 188


Comparison Issue- Checkerboard Jive

Meant To Do- Snail Quail

Sleep All Day- CART!

When Nothing Pure Remains- Awaken The Nightmare

Gashuffer- Blackout Shoppers

Surburbia- Blanks 77

Corndogs- Bernadine

My Nightly Rage- Crash Menagerie

Stupidity- Headons

I Smell A Rat- The Bad Vibes

I Don’t Give A Shit- The Apes Party

Private Eye- Alkaline Trio

Episode 187:: August 25 2014

In This Episode:: Music.

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Approx Run Time :: 35:57


Fuck The Government- Blunt

A Cold Shoulder- Something Called Nothing

Supersonic- Bad Religion

Show Me The System- The Joykiller

I’m Not Really Alive- Never Pass Go

Man Child- ASS

Total Wreckage- BAT

Shit Whippets- FOA

Enjoy- Nothing In Return

Spring Beasts Of Death- Chachi On Acid

Black Lightning- Cyanide Pills

The World Sucks And You’re The Newest Reason- Laughing Stock

High Fever- The Hi Fevers

One Of The Family- Airbomb

Episode 186:: August 18 2014

In This Episode:: Tim made a playlist this morning. So we played those songs.

Approx Run Time :: 36:08

Listen Now :: Episode 186


Me Libere- Ocean Cats

Happy Birthday To Me- 29th Street Disciples

Kills Babies- Bernadine

Violet Hellfire- Calabrese

Basement Joint Idol- Camelia Ashbach

No Sense No Feeling- Devoid

My Vietnam- Korova

Ice Water- The Riverboat Gamblers

Drug Loser- Middle Class Assasains

Take A Ride- Motorama

DWI- Poliwog

Religious Weakness- Riot Ritual

Episode 185:: August 11 2014

In This Episode:: Slurs and drunken curatung brought about todays playlist.

Approx Run Time :: 31:02

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We Hate You All The Way From Texas- Rancid Vat

Dirt And Gasoline- Raina- Fire

Speed City Radio- Chachi On Acid

Be There- Airbomb

Shoot Out The Lights- Don Juan Y Los Blancos

Ok Bye- Last Under The Sun

Mail Order Bride- Cyanide Pills

Batman- Passarounders

Nuclear War- Crash Menagerie

Dual Personalities- Never Pass Go

Dead Bodies- Rancid

Someone Else- Headons


Episode 184:: August 4 2014

In This Episode: New Music from Worm Suicide… and local blackthrash vegan Victoria band Jackal..Seguin solo artist Conway The Whale takes you on a trip… plus other gems

Approx Run Time: 29:06

Listen Now : Episode 184


Blast Off- Secretions

The World Blew Off My Face Today- Worm Suicide

Lost Times- Counterfeit Saints

Soldiers- Dammit Boys

Shallow- Cyanide Pills

Declaration Of War-  Jackal

Smash and Grab- Clit Eastwood

Ghouls Out- Cyco Sanchez Supergroup

Triplets- The Drips

Gotta Dance- Don Juan Y Los Blancos

Love Song Titles Just Aren’t Cool Anymore- Crime In Stereo

Kid In The Well- Crumb Catcher

Seeing Red- Worm Suicide

Episode 183:: July 28 2014

In This Episode: Music man. Lots of Music.

Approx Run Time :: 41:53

Listen Now :: Episode 183


Cool 100 Bucks- KK Dirty Money

A Keen Wolf- Ministers Of Hate

Dirty Kid- Hell Crab City

Always Waiting- Headons

Aint Dun Nuffin’ Officer- The Malloys

Psychopatho- Pantychrist

Dual Personalities- Never Pass Go

Radioactive Sister- Snail Quail

Shit Sale On Monday- Shouting Moe

Bottle Of Beer- Bad Pharmer

Elvis Drugs- The Get Downs

Zarzamora- Kill Liberal

Let Loose The Kraken- The Millipede

I’m Not Really Alive- Never Pass go

Episode 182:: July 21 2014

In This Episode:: 14 hand picked songs to make you dance, drink, and cry

Approx Run Time ::  37:26

Listen Now :: Episode 182


All Kids- The Drips

Nihil- Airbomb

The Knowledge of Dissembling- Lakeside Drive

Invitation To The Night- The Needles

You Ain’t Punkrock- The Junktones

Ready To Play- The Joykiller

Wailing Paddle- Rudiments

Running In Circles- Korova

Bitch- Pantychrist

Lure Of The Night- Left Arm

Ready To Go- Nick Wolff

Vain- Submachine

We’re Gonna Fight- Pennywise

For a Ride- The Star Spangled Bastards

Episode 181:: July 14 2014

In This Episode: new submitted artists Pantychrist, The Carolina Bridal Party, and thrash metal band Irkalla join the rotation as well as many other underground tidbits.


LISTEN NOW :: Episode 181


I Smell A Rat- The Bad Vibes

No Gods No Masters- Pantychrist

Blackballed- Demons

Mister Blackout- Motorama

Irkalla- Demolition

It’s Not True- The Crumbs

Firebomb- The Barking Owls

Bite You Goodnite- Sunglasses After Dark

Safe and Sound- The Carolina Bridal Party

Get Off My Back- Screeching Weasel

Fuck The Police- Illicit Activity

Two Headed Dog- Antiseen

World Prison- Decatecht

On The Take Again- Consumed